I am Natural (PTY) Ltd was officially launched in June 2020.

We are an online platform/e-Commerce site that sells and distributes beautiful, proudly South African and African brands that are safe for use in the natural hair industry.  The product portfolio includes hair care, accessories and apparel.

Woman with curly hair holding lemon


To be the biggest e-Commerce platform distributing proudly South African and African hair care brands.


To build a strong South African brand identity by enabling distribution of high quality South African hair care, accessories and apparel.  

To cultivate and enable a beautiful culture where current and future generations accept and grow their “roots” and natural kink, thus building acceptance of “natural self”.

To actively participate in growing the South African economy thus strengthening the African continental economy as a whole.


I am covered by Grace

I am Beautiful

I am Bold and Strong

I am Confident and Courageous

I am Purposeful

I am Wise

I am Joyful

I am Natural